Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe

Classic Yawl 59 ft
Sailing area: Caribbean, Atlantic, Noth Sea Baltic Sea
Cruise offers:  events, regatten, day / week charter
Guests max: 6-8 people
Crew: Skipper
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Sailing on a classic ocean sailing yacht from 1936. One of the most famous yachts was built in 1936 to plans of American ocean racer from Henry Gruber. The yawl Peter von Danzig has been the flagship of the Academic Sailing Club (ASV) in Kiel. Nearly a half thousand young people learned a maritime training on Peter von Seestermühe.
The yacht crossed the Atlantic about twenty times, she rounded Cape Horn and sailed around the world. In 1991, the new owner has been lovingly restored the Yacht and since then radiates back into traditional splendor under the name "Peter of Seestermühe".



Building Year: 1936
Designer: Henry Gruber
Length: 17,98m
Beam: 4,16m
Draught: 2,70m
Displacement: 30t
Motor 100PS
Call sign DKQW


Technical Equipment

Radar, 2xGPS, Navtex
Depth sounder, log
2xUKW with DSC controller
VHF handheld radio
Boundary wave radio system
COSPAS-SARSAT Satellitenfunkboje (EPIRB)
The safety features at least equal to the standard of the Traditional Ship Regulation of the Minister of Transport
Inflatable (only in the Caribbean, in addition) for 8 with 10 hp outboard
Solid dinghy on deck for 4-5 persons with sails and oars
Hot and cold pressurized water system
5 kW heating
3-burner gas cooker


Sailing on the Classic Yacht Peter of Seestermühe Cruise Plan 2016

Elbe and the North Sea
04.05. - 08.05.2016
About Ascension takes us the first North Sea season 2016 Hamburg down the Elbe and the German Bight to only German offshore island - Helgoland. Start and end port is the Hamburger Yachthafen Wedel.
Stage: Hamburg - Helgoland - Hamburg
Sea area: Elbe, German Bight
Participation costs: 690, - €

Nordseewoche - Pantaenius Round Skagen race
12.05. - 20.05.2016
The North Sea Week is the most important offshore sailing event in German waters. It consists of several races, the result of different output ports up to Helgoland and around the island. We are at the feeder regattas Hamburg - participate Helgoland - Cuxhaven and Cuxhaven.
The Pantaenius Round Skagen race is the long-range highlight Nordseewoche. The route through the North Sea to the north, the rounding Skagen with the sea area Skagerrak and variable rates through the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea to the south is a challenge and fascination of sailing.
Stage: Hamburg - Helgoland - Kiel
Sea area: Elbe, German Bay, North Sea, Skagerrak, Baltic Sea
Participation costs: 1.470, - € VAT Regatta fees.

THE RUN - long - distance race of FKY
10.06. - 12.06.2016
THE RUN is a long-distance race of the Circle Classic yachts, which leads to the midsummer night with a trip to Denmark. 2015, the race was held for the first time - the YACHT reports: THE RUN - The longest night of the year. The Regatta is suitable for all enthusiastic classic fans who want to be directly and actively involved in this event as part of the team here.
Friday, 06.10.2016: From 14:00 Training impact on Flensburg Fjord with nightly race start in the outer fjord.
Saturday, 06/11/2016: during the day finish in Svendborg
Sunday, 6/12/2016: sailing trip to Kiel (no race ride)
Stage: Kiel - Svendborg - Kiel
Sea area: Kiel Fjord, Danish Southern Seas
Participation costs: 660, - €

Rendezvous of the Classics
17.06. - 19.06.2016
Every first weekend of the Kieler Woche takes the first classic event on the Kiel Fjord instead - the "Rendezvous of the Classics". All participating yachts and their crews to meet on Friday evening at the "British Kiel Yacht Club" and open the event with a barbecue and live music. The next morning we go to the helmsman meeting out into the fjord. The ships start before the Kieler Yacht Club and sailing in different orbits. The award ceremony will be held in the Imperial Hall of the Kieler Yacht Club. To the solid eight-member crew regatta, we offer four exclusive places for avid classic fans who directly and actively can be present at this event as part of the team.

Friday, 17.06.2016: From 14:00 Training impact on the Kiel Fjord
Saturday, 18.06.2016: Regatta ride
Sunday, 19.062016: by 10 am breakfast together
Stage: Kiel - Kiel
Sea area: Kiel Fjord
Participation costs: 580, - € (incl. Breakfast regatta, entry fee and harbor dues)

Kieler Woche - Regatta day trips
18.06. - 26.06.2016
Kiel Week is the largest sailing event. Professional sports, Olympic sailing classes and a versatile country await you.
Day trip: 10:00 to 17:00
Participation costs: 180, - € / person (incl. Food and drinks)

Summer travel - Brittany
02.07. - 12.08.2016
On our trip from Hamburg to the Canary Islands in 2014 we had enough time to explore the sailing area of the English Channel and Brittany. The border area between Europe and the Atlantic Ocean is characterized by exciting Tidennavigation, impressive landscapes and famous lighthouses. The mild climate and the Breton way of life with its good food has convinced us - the Peter-summer trip in 2016 will lead us in this area again.
Leg I - Channel Islands
02.07. - 15.07.2016
2 weeks
Stage: Kiel - Brest
Sea area: North Sea, English Channel
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

Leg II - Brittany
16.07. - 29.07.2016
2 weeks
Stage: Brest - Brest
Sea area: Atlantic, English Channel
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

Leg III - Channel Islands
30.07. - 12.08.2016
2 weeks
Stage: Brest - Kiel
Sea area: Atlantic, English Channel, North Sea
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

German Classics Laboe
18.08. - 21.08.2016
The absolute highlight of the year in the Northern European classics season! The event as a Veterans Regatta become gegründet- and famous, attracts year after year to the largest classic fleet in Europe. Approximately 200 classic yachts of all sizes meet in the port of Laboe on the Kiel Fjord. The Kiel fjord with your ideal regatta field turns for these days in a backdrop for the classic beauty, as it was already at the beginning of the last century. At the eight-member crew regatta, we offer four exclusive crew places for avid classic fans who want to directly and in the middle to attend this highest-ranking event.
Stage: Laboe - Laboe
Sea area: Kiel Fjord
Participation costs: 980, - € (incl. Start and harbor dues and Regatta breakfast)

Baltic - Round Fyn
28.08. - 03.09.2016
The jointly planned by the crew and the skipper goals in the Danish island world is often achieved in comfortable day trips. The Baltic Sea is an impressive range of areas seglerisch very interesting and navigational demanding. When applied seamanship still enough time for shore excursions in the picturesque Danish port cities. Here is the trip for the team, not least by the unique natural impression of an unforgettable experience.
Stage: Kiel - Kiel
Sea area: Danish Southern Seas, Round Fyn
Participation costs: 980, - €

English Channel
17.09. - 30.09.2016
We take this year more time for this part of the journey. For many years we have sailed from Hamburg to Lisbon nonstop. Wistful we looked across to the Channel Islands and the Brittany Coast. Now we take the time to explore this wonderful area once. Exciting tides and weather navigation are also part of this trip as exciting ports and anchorages in the changing of the tides (about 780 sm)
Stage: Hamburg - Brest
Sea area: Elbe, North Sea, English Channel
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

Biscay & Portugal
01.10. - 14.10.2016
This trip is among connoisseurs as a tip. In one of the world's most demanding areas it is important for the crew, with swift Weather tactics and good seamanship to reach the tempting vernal target (about 720 sm) stage: Brest - Lisbon
Sea area: Atlantic, Biscay
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

Madeira & Canary Islands
15.10. - 28.10.2016
Genuine Atlantic sailing in already very pleasant climate with manageable distances. It attracts around 600 nm, the flower island Madeira. Here is plenty of time to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and the flair of the traditional Funchal extensively. Among the islands of eternal spring stay again almost 300 sm, by which we arrive in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Stage: Lisbon - Las Palmas
Sea area: Atlantic
Participation costs: 1.960, - €

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers
18:11. - 11.12.2016
With the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the PETER of Seestermühe sails for the tenth time, the 2,800 nautical miles with the trade winds in the Caribbean.
Stage: Las Palmas - St. Lucia
Sea area: Atlantic trade route
Participation costs: 3.800, - € plus regatta fees.
Windward Islands
January 18 to January 31 2017
In this trip to the Caribbean Spirit sets: White beaches, turquoise water, blue sky and sunshine. The trade wind ensures good sailing conditions. From Martinique we set our course from St. Lucia and on to the Grenadines. The trip combines active sailing, relaxing in bays and shore excursions. from / to Martinique
Price per person € 1,920
Leeward Islands
07 February - 20 February 2017
From Le Marin in the south of Martinique, we sail north across Dominica, Les Saintes, Antigua to Barbuda and back to Guadeloupe. Besides active blue water sailing is enough time for swimming and exploring the islands.
from / to Martinique / St. Martin
Price per person € 1,920

Virgin Islands
08 April - 21 April 2017
St. Martin's departure and arrival this week Caribbean cruise. In days blows we sail to the Virgin Islands in northern direction. The weather is determined by the trade winds, the on sailing Vacation character guaranteed ...
from / to St. Martin
Price per person € 1,920

Caribbean cruises
22 March-14 April 2017
Whether active blue water sailing or beach holiday - like we design together with you your individual Caribbean cruise
Price per person / week € 960

April 14 to April 22 2017
This fantastic classic event takes place from 17 - April 21. Falmouth- and English Harbour on Antigua instead. On board is on April 14, two days before the "warm up", which was quite easy for it at the temperatures prevailing there. From check is the day after the Prize Giving Ceremony on 22 April. We will train two days in order to be recorded on the four race days, although our Race- motto race- the Gentleman's will meet nature of the event.
Price per person € 1,980

Atlantic crossing Antigua - Azores - Hamburg
25 April to 31 May 2017
From Antigua in the Caribbean via the Azores to Hamburg. A challenging Atlantic travel in the Department headed by the very experienced skipper, aboard a proven yacht with perfect offshore properties, the boundless expanse of the Atlantic learns to love.
Crew exchange facilities in the Azores.
Antigua-Azores about 2100 sm 15-18 days at sea / Azores-Hamburg approx 1800sm 11-14 days at sea price per person € 3,600
Price per person leg Antigua - Azores € 2,300
Price per person leg Azores - Hamburg € 1,750
The Run Long-distance race

June 12 to June 14 2017
THE RUN is a new long-distance race of the Circle Classic yachts, which leads to a midsummer night trip to Denmark.
Expiration: Friday, 06.12.2015: From 14:00 Regatta Training on Flensburg Fjord with nightly race start in the outer fjord. Saturday, 06/13/2015: during the day finish in Svendborg. Sunday, 6/14/2015: sailing trip to Kiel (no race ride).
Stage: Kiel - Svendborg - Kiel
Price per person € 640, -


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