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Sailing is one of the last great adventures on earth. To fight against the wind and waves, is undoubtedly an attractive idea. And there is hardly a better opportunity to experience the fascination of the sea with a sailing trip. From the experience in many years sailing experience including in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Azores, Mediterranean, Bay of Biscay, North Sea and Baltic Sea, we have developed our sails philosophy that one - in the foreground - pleasant and relaxed sailing.

We offer the berth charter cabin charter our Törnteilnehmern the opportunity to actively participate in seamanship. But by a changing rhythm in the tasks on board also receives every opportunity, with sufficient breaks, the best days of sections to experience relaxed, so - tension and relaxation in the exchange at the end of each busy Törntages we always run a port on.
Invited are those who like sailing, at the same time want to refresh their knowledge of sailing - or just want to enjoy. With our well-equipped, comfortable and safe, sailing, guided by experienced skippers, we offer you the perfect opportunity. Experience sailing with comfort in our sailing on the North Sea and Baltic Sea and in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Caribbean.

Cabin charter sailing with a skipper.
Charter a berth on a yacht / sailing. Suitable for individuals / individual bookings, couples or small groups to larger yachts. For this Charterart, you need no experience, an experienced skipper or crew on board the yacht and takes over the ship's command as sailors but they can also actively sail.

Cabin charter

rent a cabin for one or two people. This type is most common on larger yachts, but also comfort and service is luxurious.

Schoner-Kairos-mitsegeln Schooner Kairos Cabin charter

Cabin Charter - berth charter - sailing - Cabin charter Luxury Kabincharter 
 Convenient actively sail yachts and highly trained skippers are available for you.
berth charter skipper training 
 on well-equipped comfortable sailing yachts.
Sailing opportunity for active sailing sail for beginners / interior and also has advanced sailors / interior.
Sailing world Baltic Sea, North Sea, Yacht charter Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pazific. Cabin Charter sailing cruise on a private yacht, experience, active and beach holiday, singles are welcome as well as groups.

Boating holidays, exclusive sailing sail training pure relaxation. Our specialty are selected sailing along the coast and its islands. You can simply relax and unwind times. Sailing Vacations - Cabin charter sailing opportunity on a sailing yacht with skipper. A sailing cruise with cabin charter in the Mediterranean Individualurlaub under white sails and blue sea.

Active Cabin Charter on classic yachts, exclusive and comfortable sailing with only a few guests and experienced skippers, in the most beautiful sailing grounds of the North Sea North sea ... and the Baltic Sea Baltic Sea ... And in the Mediterranean ... , Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

WIND AND CLIMATE North Sea and Baltic Sea
The healthy maritime climate and the good sea air have a high recreational value. In contrast to the North Sea, on which it often blows stronger in spring and autumn and the sea can be a bit rough, the wind during the summer months is quite resistant to the Baltic Sea, mostly from western directions. A relatively high sunshine hours on the sea is a good setting for a pleasant Sommertörn. We are expecting in July and August consistently warm summer days with peak values ​​for the entire Baltic Sea region. Good sun protection is therefore essential especially on the water. Of course, but just in case waterproof clothing should also be taken on board.

Also sail in stages on a long-distance sailing yacht sailing trips miles veins.
Channel Islands, France, Spain and Portugal before it goes on the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands to Sardinia, Tunisia, Italy and Malta. Besides North Sea, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, as well as the Baltic Sea, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

Sailing North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean Caribbean

We offer a wide range of Törnarten from Wochenendtörn, Kurztörn and week long, and can make as Schnuppertörn, Relaxtörn, or Erlebnistörn this according to the wishes of a crew.
The final routes are determined jointly taking into account wind and weather conditions and in consultation with the skipper of all corresponding members. Here, the needs of the guests are on board largely taken into account if wind and weather do not specify a different course - for active sailing in the foreground.
In the evening we usually run on a port, but also anchor times if it wants the crew, in a quiet bay.

Distance trips - Transatlantic cruises for sailors Segelrever Atlantic Ocean - Mediterranean Sea - North Sea and Baltic Sea - Caribbean.

During our week trips, short trips and taster cruises sailing experience are generally not required. In this case the skipper is happy to give the fellow sailors the basics of sail. A cruise is an athletic event in which the use of each participant is required. All work on deck and below deck are carried out jointly by the crew, the skipper, the crew member in the life on board and the deck work. At the commencement of charter, all meals will be discussed and purchased by all fellow sailors. The crew cared for together himself, the skipper will mitverpflegt traditionally. The ship's command is the sole responsibility of the skipper, under his guidance the necessary activities are done. His instructions are to be obeyed, for he alone is responsible for the crew and the ship.

The atmosphere on board is matey, it is by you and called by their first names. We hope that our Cruise Participant itself, understood as a community, as a crew. This means that every bit helps incurred when working in a tour. These include the usual activities on deck and sail handling, rowing and a watch, navigation, etc., but also provisioning of the entire crew for several days cooking for all the dishes, cleaning ship and help with smaller things.
Our skipper will strive to make your cruise to suit your requirements, we want you to enjoy the holidays and feel good that you have fun sailing and can learn something.