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The many islands of the Caribbean spread thousands of kilometres from southern Florida to the coast of Venezuela. You will find tropical climate with sunshine all year long. The “Passat-Wind” has a huge influence on the islands. That’s why you have “islands above the wind” and “islands below the wind”. In the northern part of the Caribbean you will find the Bahamas with its subtropical and mild climate.

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Segelyacht-kate 12-mR-chartern-Karibik Classic Yacht Kate

Segelyacht-Lone-Fox-charter-Karibik Classic Yacht Lone Fox

Segelyacht-Lady-Ann-classic-Mittelmeer-Karibik modern Classic Yacht Lady Ann

Mitsegeln-Peter-von-seestermuehe Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe

Schoner-Kairos-mitsegeln Schoner Kairos