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Sailing trip Bergen

(Kiel - Bergen - Kiel)

From Kiel to the western Norwegian mountains and back. A challenging ocean passage with a worthwhile goal. 1000 nm in two weeks and still have enough time for a leisurely stroll in the mountains and some stops in the fjord landscape. From port of Kiel initially we sail in the protected waters of the Danish islands, which allows an optimal adjustment period before the area on Skagerrak and Kattegat is constantly demanding. We usually reached within three to four days Western Norway with its exciting archipelago waters and gigantic fjords. Here we are investing in small fishing or natural harbors and reach mountains on Saturday. Sunday is then for individual excursions in Bergen, the cultural capital of Norway clandestine available. On Monday, it goes against the Neuverproviantierung late morning south through one of the numerous passages archipelago. Depending on weather conditions we place on the evening again, or go directly to the lake on the way to Kiel to have one or the other the marina. Not least because of the excellent area knowledge and language skills of the skipper will also travel to Norway newcomers into an unforgettable experience.
Here have the opportunity to experience real seamanship and less experienced sailors by the manning of six to eight crew members in two guards. The trip meets the requirements of the Austrian and Swiss B-sailing license.
Price per person € 1960

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