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Transatlantic cruise

Atlantic trips west - east

Pure ocean sailing across the Atlantic. A highlight of stops are the Azores, famous for its underwater world and the dolphins frolic ("Swimming with dolphins") and whales ("whale watching"). If you visit the island capital of Horta on Faial Island, Azores, you will enable the pier, right in awe: hundreds of sailors and sea travelers have left there, small and large "painting". A colorful, nautical outdoor gallery. Of course, do themselves a trip to the legendary "Peter Cafe Sport" (http://www.petercafesport.com) not miss-an absolute must for all genuine transatlantic sailors.

Of Antigua in the Caribbean via the Azores to Hamburg. A challenging Atlantic travel in the crew, led by the very experienced skipper, features aboard a yacht with proven perfect sea, the boundless expanse of the Atlantic learns to love. Crew change option in the Azores. 

Sailing on classic yacht Peter von Seestermühe

Leg 1 Antigua - Azoren 2100 sm 15 - 18 days
Price per Person € 2.300

Leg 2 Azores - Hamburg 1800 nm 11 -14 days
Price per Person € 1.750

Regatta-Event-yacht-Peter-von-seestermuehe-mitsegeln Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe Transatlantic sailing


Transatlantic sailing with Schooner Kairos

Transatlantic cruise Antigua - Gibraltar

22nd April 2016 - May 13th 2016

Price € 3.000 per Person

Schoner-Kairos-mitsegeln Schooner Kairos