"Classic Yachts - Spirit of Eternity - Soul of the Past"

passage Hamburg-Gran Canaria

from early October 2016

Hamburg - English Channel - Biscay - Spain - Portugal - Lisbon
This cruise is among connoisseurs as a tip. In one of the world's most challenging venues there is for the crew,
with skillful weather tactics and good seamanship to reach the tempting spring-like target. 

Passage Lisbon - Madeira - Las Palmas

Lisbon - Madeira - Las Palmas
Genuine Atlantic Sailing already very pleasant climate, with manageable distances. It attracts to about 600 nm, the flower island Madeira.
There's plenty of time to the stunning beauty of nature and the atmosphere of the traditional capital Funchal thoroughly enjoy.
To the islands of eternal spring stay again almost 300 nm, after which we run into Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.

Regatta-Event-yacht-Peter-von-seestermuehe-mitsegeln Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe