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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ARC

Las Palmas - Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay St. Lucia 2700sm
22 November 2018 to 15th December 2018

Countless yachts from around the world meet every year, the end of November to the ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Las Palmas Gran Canaria to other boats to cross the Atlantic in a network. Destination in the Caribbean is the Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia, one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Antilles. For the 2700 nm between the yachts need 14 - 24 days.
Monohulls can participate in the ARC (27 and 60 feet) with a minimum crew of two on board from 8.23m (27 feet) and cruising catamarans between 8.23 -18.29 m.
In the cruising groups in which motors are allowed, the results are determined using a set of World Cruising handicap.
In addition, there is a race group that starts under the IRC handicap and is permissible in the sponsorship. Motor yachts can also participate in a separate group.


Regatta yachts charter Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ARC


Regatta-Event-yacht-Peter-von-seestermuehe-mitsegeln Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe ARC

Regatta-Event-yacht-Lady-Ann-modern-classic Modern classic Yacht Lady Ann ARC

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