Classic Yacht Regatten

active participation for groups or individuals
Regatta Sailing Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic Sea


The Schifffahrtsregatta (Marine Regatta) heard for 26 years to the most important events of the German shipping industry. Over 100 yachts sail there from red herring (Schleimünde) to Ærøskøbing on the Danish island Ærø. In addition to shipowners and other representatives of the shipping industry and politicians regularly take part in the regatta.


Regatta yachts crewed charter


Regatta-Event-yacht-Peter-von-seestermuehe-mitsegeln Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe crewed charter

Regatta-Event-yacht-vanity-V-12.Mr-charter Classic Yacht Vanity V 12mR Yacht crewed charter


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