Classic Yacht Regatten

active participation for groups or individuals
Regatta Sailing Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic Sea

Max Oertz Regatta

The race is named to the renowned designer and shipbuilder Max Oertz who was born in 1871 in Neustadt. Every year, about 60 -70 Classic Yachts meet on the Neustadt Bay Regatta, the Max Oertz unsubscribe, among the participating yachts, for example the well-known 12-Metre yacht SY Heti, Designed and built in 1912 by Max Oertz.


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Regatta-Event-yacht-Peter-von-seestermuehe-mitsegeln Classic Yacht Peter von Seestermühe

Regatta-Event-yacht-vanity-V-12.Mr-charter Classic Yacht Vanity V 12mR Yacht


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