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Join the Classic Yacht Regatta Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

Classic Yacht Regatta

The late summer sun illuminates the old harbor walls of Saint Tropez and reflects on the azure water of the Mediterranean Sea. The historic port of the former fishing village is filled with the most beautiful and classy yachts that have sailed from far away to join the sailing regatta “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez” and compete in strength, maneuverability, and elegance. From September 29 to October 7 2012, sailing and regatta fans gather in the small but prominent artists' village at the Côte d'Azur and celebrate the annual spectacle of the last Mediterranean classic yacht regatta of the season.

No need to observe the show from a distance though- iSails offers the thrilling and lasting experience of participating in the race on an impressive classic yacht! Join as a skilled yachtsperson or as a newbie to the sailing and racing world in the fun of the regatta. Together with the experienced regatta crew onboard you can feel the excitement of the start of the race, the piloting around the regatta buoy and the adrenalin of reaching the finishing line! And you can decide the degree of your active participation and choose if you want to join only for one day or experience the whole regatta. If you are a group of 5 and more people it is worth to book a whole yacht, of course including the support of an experienced regatta crew on-board.
Or do you want to feel the excitement of a regatta but rather as an observer than an active participant? In addition to active racing attendance iSails also offers the possibility to join the regatta on an spectator boat. This way you are still in striking distance of the racing and maneuvering classic yachts yet you can watch and relax and maybe use the unique opportunity to take breathtaking pictures or videos of one of the world's most significant classic yacht races!
And in the evening the historic heart of Saint Tropez invites you to celebrate the ending of an eventful sailing regatta season and to enjoy the last sunny days of the year. Come join “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez” and feel the adventure and excitement of the regatta race on-board of a stunning classic yacht!

Autor S. Jesumann

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