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Les Voiles d Antibes the Grand Opening of the Sailing Regatta

Once a year, the world’s fastest and most beautiful classic yachts meet in the small and somewhat dozy town of Antibes at the French Mediterranean coast. Located right next to Cannes, the old seaport of Antibes, Port Vauban, then becomes alive with cocktail parties, barbecues and live music. It is June – and this marks the beginning of the classic yacht season in the Mediterranean Sea. Les Voiles d`Antibes presents the Grand Opening of this annual regatta season which is closed with Les Voiles de St. Tropez at the end of September.
Who wouldn’t like to be part of this amazing spectacle and to enjoy exceptional classic yachts in combination with sun and sea?
The agency for classic yachts, iSails Classic Yacht Charter, offers the unique possibility to partake in the first race of the classic yacht sailing season in Antibes, either as a single person, as a couple, or a group.
On http://iSails.org , you can find a wide range of offers regarding this regatta: whether you prefer to book a classic yacht on a daily basis, wish to participate in the race itself or see the regatta through with a professional crew. Moreover, you can book a visit to a single event of the regatta or, for example, hold your teambuilding training on one of the yachts in Antibes. If you favor a more quiet participation of the race, there are also accompanying tours to the regatta where you can watch all race activities from a safe distance or, on the other hand, if you are an advanced sailing sportsperson, the regatta training provides an interesting access to Les Voiles d`Antibes.
And when the sun is setting after all the action and excitement of the sailing day in Antibes, a cozy after race snack will get you in the mood for the exhilarating evening program in Port Vauban.
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